You can now offer your SNT clients more options than ever before.

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The POMS on the ABLE Act were recently revised which has clarified a number of issues in using this new tool with a special needs trust. By using this new POMS tool with an ABLE account, you can now offer your clients more options than ever before.

Join us as our panel of experts discuss how the new POMS allows the special needs trust practitioner to broaden options for many beneficiaries of special needs trusts by tying it to an ABLE Account. Using a series of scenarios, we will cover:

  • How to tie in a SNT with an ABLE account
  • Benefits to ABLE beneficiary
  • How to avoid pitfalls
  • How to avoid the ISM reduction for SSI recipients
  • Partnering with community ABLE programs to enhance your business

By: Stephen W. Dale, Esq. LL.M, The Dale Law Firm, Juliana Crist, Director, STABLE Accounts, and Christopher Rodriguez, Director of Public Policy, National Disability Institute

Duration: 90 minutes

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