Document Preview: Annotated Document Sample


ElderCounsel’s drafting system, ElderDocx®, puts a smart, efficient document creation and assembly process right at your fingertips.

One option in ElderDocx is to generate an annotated document. Think of this all-in-one master document as a cheat sheet. The attorney will save significant research time with the ability to quickly read the technical (attorney-oriented) footnoted trust document to get a quick explanation on complex legal issues with all relevant legal citations. 

From the annotated document, you can save it as the master file for your client and then, by using the ElderCounsel toolbar, you can create four different client documents.

  • Client Summary
  • Client Summary and Text
  • Client Draft
  • Final Signing Document

Client Summary is a summary document consisting of no body text or footnotes—it includes only article headings with client summaries beneath each one, describing the article’s purpose. This is dynamic text based on the answers you provide in the ElderDocx interview. It is a trimmed down, less intimidating, version of the document that allows you to provide a short summary of complex irrevocable trusts in language that laypersons can understand – no “legalease.”

Client Summary and Text includes the full text of the document, along with a summary box beneath each article describing the article’s purpose, but with the footnotes removed.

Client Draft includes the full text of the document, but with all annotations (client summaries and footnotes) removed. This is the draft version of the document, as indicated by a “DRAFT” watermark appearing each page.

Final Signing Document is the final version of the document, and the one that will be signed by your client. All annotations (client summaries and footnotes) are removed.