COVID-19 Resources

covid resources2
  • In It Together video series

  • State Orders Regarding Essential Businesses During COVID-19

  • State Emergency Orders

  • How to Get Documents Signed During the COVID-19 Crisis (Video)

  • How to Give Compelling Online Presentations (Video)

  • Running Your Law Firm Amid COVID-19
    • Video + Resource Guide

  • Turning Your Law Firm into a Virtual Office
    • File Sharing and Work Collaboration
    • Communications and Accountability
    • Meetings and Communications

  • Why Now Is Not the Time to Cease Marketing and Business Operations for Your Law Firm

  • How to Create and Host Online Events, Video Series
    • Part 1: Online Events and Meetings are the New Normal—Embrace the Change 
    • Part 2: Setting up the Registration Process and Getting the Word Out
    • Part 3: Getting and Keeping Engagement—Before, During, and After Your Event

  • Coronavirus Tool Kit including copy for announcements, social media graphic, FAQs, and a checklist.

  • And more added daily