Creating Events that Generate Revenue

November 4-5, 2019
Denver, CO
Price: $995

About The Event

Client and referral workshops are popular ways to generate new business. However, many attorneys fail to host successful workshops due to lack of knowledge about how to set one up, how to get people to attend, and how to deliver a compelling message from the front of the room.

During this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to put successful events together from beginning to end with a measurable ROI. Starting with how to name your event, figuring out who and how to market it, how to give a compelling presentation, and how to conduct post-event outreach, you’ll walk away armed with strategies and smart tips to help you plan and put on events in your community that bring new potential clients and referral sources face-to-face with you.

Attendees will leave the workshop with a “Law Firm Event Marketing Checklist” to help them efficiently plan lead attracting events and two PowerPoint Presentations to use at upcoming events.

The Speakers

Valerie Peterson, J.D.
Valerie Peterson, J.D.
nicole nixon
Nicole Nixon
Marketing Director
Lesley Kenneally
Lesley Kenneally
Operations Manager


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Creating Events that Generate Revenue

November 4-5 in Denver, CO

Event Location: Denver Place, 999 18th Street, Suite 1155 N, Denver, CO 80202

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