Double Your Revenue

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Denver, CO

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About The Event

A joint partnership event between ElderCounsel and Atticus.

You will benefit from the knowledge, experience and guidance of both organizations.

This workshop transforms your mindset about growth and finances and provides you with structured tools to optimize revenue generation.

What You'll Accomplish
You'll isolate efforts that produce the quickest and most effective financial results for your firm, and focus on making progress through manageable action steps.

Breakthrough Ideas
Participants generate dozens of breakthrough ideas, and build a 10-step Practice Growth Map™ — foundation of the Double Your Revenue™ Workshop.

Identify Goals
You'll identify specific goals for your practice, and develop a structured execution plan to achieve those goals.

Focus on Growth
You'll leave the workshop armed with tools to help you stay focused on activities that bring the greatest return.

You'll create a step-by-step implementation plan for doubling your law firm's revenue, which will identify and organize the most effective money-making ideas generated at the workshop. In building a Practice Growth Map™, law firm owners experience a breakthrough in how they view running a practice and leave the workshop excited and determined about the growth potential for their business.

Who will benefit for this workshop?

Attorney owners or partners with control over their own time, marketing budget, and team.

This workshop helps you to step back and look at your practice with an eye to the future of what you can intentionally grow and what you should leave behind while the practice develops.

We’ve found that the attorneys who implemented the workshop’s strategies the most quickly and effectively were typically the ones that obtained “buy-in” from all partners on the goals and action steps identified.

We also have seen that when attorneys take this day away from working in their offices and take an outside look at the practice, it reveals a road map for the next year to come.

After doubling their firm’s revenues the first time, some attorneys choose to re-enroll in the workshop again and again because they’re ready to take their practices to an even higher level of profitable performance.

Presented by:

steve riley
Steve Riley, J.D.
Certified Practice Advisor, Atticus


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