Find success as an elder law attorney


Today, approximately one in seven people is an elder. As the baby boomer generation continues to gray, this growing trend is expected to continue with a drastic increase in the coming years. Some figures project this population to reach approximately 98 million by 2060.

Aging brings on a new set of legal and quasi-legal concerns that are specific to older Americans. Because it concerns a diverse group of people — from a 65-year-old long distance runner to a 92-year-old patient in a nursing home — elder law practice covers an equally broad number of topics.

Because elder law is still a developing practice area, it is not uncommon for people, attorneys included, to have a few misconceptions about its function and utility. With the wealth of resources readily available to today’s elder law community, elder law matters need not feel intimidating or overly vague.

Take the first step by downloading this eBook. With numerous resources at your fingertips, finding success in elder law may not be as difficult as you think. Make a plan and break each goal into smaller, more manageable parts. What can you accomplish today? This week? This month? Before long, all of these small steps come together to have a big impact. Now is the time to take the first step.