Elder Law 101


Webinar Recorded: May 11, 2021
Duration: 59 minutes
Presenters: Valerie Peterson, J.D., and Jim Wolverton, J.D.

Elder law is a practice area defined by the people that are served. Our clients and their families’ priorities and concerns evolve as they age and their estate plans and care need to be adjusted accordingly.

One of the goals of elder law is to create and protect options for clients to age and live with grace on their terms. Too many people (and their lawyers) do not think of what type of care clients will need and want in the future. Rather, the focus is on what happens after they pass away.

In elder law, you can work with clients to lay out their blueprint for getting what they want as they get older. This practice can offer career satisfaction while providing profitable business opportunities.

We will talk about the people you can help like seniors, Veterans, and the disability community and how you and your legal career benefit.