Document Preview: Medicaid Family Protection Trust


The EC Medicaid Family Protection Trust™ is an irrevocable trust with certain options preselected to provide creditor protection for the grantor and the family, yet works for Medicaid planning. Many clients don't want to focus on their own need for care in the future, but they are concerned about passing a legacy on to their loved ones without interference from creditors—both known and unknown. 

The EC Medicaid Family Protection Trust gives the attorney a different goal for the client:

  • Asset protection for the client's family
  • Ability to provide a legacy regardless of any creditors that could pop up later.
  • Protects the client’s assets if the need for Medicaid ever arises.
  • Focuses on protecting a legacy for the client’s loved ones, not the possible failure of the client’s health and subsequent need for Medicaid.

Download a preview of the trust and receive the cover page, table of contents and the first article.