In it Together Meetup: New Business is Coming Your Way if You Look for It



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2020/05/01 11:00 AM EST

What You’ll Learn

The current pandemic has raised awareness of the need to plan for the unexpected. However, few people actually have proper planning documents. A study conducted by Health Affairs in 2017 discovered that roughly 33% of people in the U.S. have advance directives. A more recent survey conducted by revealed that nearly the same (low) percentage have a will (32%).

The combination of increased awareness and lack of planning documents means a lot of people will be looking for legal help. ElderCounsel has the benefit of talking to hundreds of attorneys across the country to learn what they are doing to maintain or grow their business, even during a pandemic. Many estate planning and elder law attorneys have either seen an increase in business or only a slight decline during the COVID-19 crisis. But they are planning for a big increase in the coming weeks and months, due in large part to the awareness this pandemic has created.

We’ve compiled a panel of practicing estate planning and elder law attorneys to talk about how they have continued getting new business during COVID-19, and their plans for the increase in new business coming in the near future. Bring your questions! We’ll get as many as we can in front of our panelists.

About the Panel

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