Proactive Planning

proactive planning
Even if there isn’t an immediate crisis at hand, your client is still in danger of experiencing significant health issues, a financial crisis, or even death. These are topics that are sometimes difficult to talk about with clients. Nonetheless, they are important because the absence of pre-planning could lead to unintended results for your client and their family down the line. But, how do you get them to take that first initial step to think about their future?
Join ElderCounsel Member Michael Gold as he discusses the benefits of incorporating proactive planning into your practice. During the webinar, he’ll share smart strategies to initiate proactive planning discussions with your clients in order to anticipate future problems, prevent crises, and gain revenue.
Topics discussed:
  1. Marketing strategies
  2. What is proactive planning? What’s in a proactive planning package?
  3. How to increase revenue using proactive planning
  4. How to talk about proactive planning and handle objections