Quarterly Catch Up - March 2023


Webinar Recorded: March 9, 2023
Duration: 31 minutes
Presenter: Jim Wolverton, J.D.

We did the research, you get to sit back and hear about the elder law cases from around the country over the last three months.

In this recorded webinar, Jim Wolverton, J.D. goes through recent cases to help you understand how different jurisdictions are handling the legal issues surrounding Medicaid, VA pension benefits, and special needs planning.

Links to the holdings are included in the course materials so you have those tools at your fingertips should you face similar concerns in your own practice.

Topics covered include:

  1. Community spouse annuity subject to estate recovery
  2. Challenge of MMMNA determination by state agency on equitable grounds
  3. Intent of account holder with right of survivorship controls probate treatment
  4. Self-settled special needs trust improperly created
  5. Lack of service disqualifies appointment of a subsequent trustee
  6. Current Events