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The Country is Reopening:
Legal and Practical Implications for Your Law Practice

June 4 & 5
1:00-2:00 p.m. ET
Brian Nugent, Esq.
Lori Pulvermacher
Jim Wolverton, J.D.
Valerie L. Peterson, J.D.

Join us for the two-part series June 4 & 5!


2020/06/04 12:00 PM EST

What You’ll Learn in This 2-Part Webinar Series

As all businesses begin to open up, law practices are facing unique challenges as they balance employee health concerns, client health concerns, and finding ways to stay profitable in uncertain times. Part 1 of our two-part series will tackle many of the tough legal issues lawyers face when deciding how to operate their business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Part 2 will provide practical tips, like language to put into client and employee advisories, how to provide clients choices on meeting with you, and more.

Part 1: Legal Implications for Your Law Practice as the Country Reopens
June 4, 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET
Presenter: Brian Nugent, Esq., Partner, Labor and Employment Division, Akerman LLP

This session will focus on several legal issues that impact law practices:

  • Best practices for having employees return to work in the office.
  • How to handle privacy concerns if an employee tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Should there be limitations on employee interaction?
  • How should clients be treated when they come to the office?
  • Employer liability should an employee or client contract COVID-19.

Part 2: Practical Tips to Protect Your Law Practice as the Country Reopens 
June 5, 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET
Valerie L. Peterson, J.D., CEO, ElderCounsel (Moderator)
Lori Pulvermacher, MBA, Practice Solutions Advisor, Law As a Business (LAB)
Jim Wolverton, J.D., Practice Solutions Advisor, Law As a Business (LAB)

Operating your business under new standards can feel overwhelming as you consider client advisories, client meetings, and the measures needed to protect you, your employees, and your clients. We will help you to figure out how best to implement policies and procedures that fit your practice, and that will help you focus on running your business efficiently and profitably.

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About the Presenters

Brian Nugent, Esq.
Partner, Labor and Employment Division, Akerman LLP

Brian Nugent represents employers throughout the United States in labor and employment matters, as well as corporate formation, contracts, unemployment taxation, and M&A. His focus includes advising human capital and human resources outsourcing companies such as professional employer organizations (PEOs) and temporary staffing companies, that frequently retain him to assist with all of their legal and regulatory needs, including forming the legal entities, licensing in more than 40 states, client service agreements, employee handbooks, workers’ compensation insurance, benefits and general employment matters. He is also frequently retained to represent buyers and sellers in transactions in the employment outsourcing industries, and has been retained on a number of occasions to assist buyer’s counsel with the particular due diligence issues in these industries. Formerly the chief legal officer for two large, national companies operating in the employment services sector, his experience provides him with an invaluable understanding of the legal issues faced by employers as well as their preferred options for resolution.

Lori Pulvermacher, MBA
Practice Solutions Advisor, Law As a Business (LAB)

Passionate about small business development and helping attorneys grow their practice, Lori brings insight and accountability to help achieve business objectives through strategies designed to increase revenue and efficiency. She enjoys building relationships, identifying solutions, and partnering with firms to achieve success.

For more than 15 years, Lori has worked with solo and small firm practitioners in a variety of roles. Her education and experience are rooted in business and marketing. While completing her graduate program, she was excited to add some “alphabet soup” to her name with an MBA designation; however, she acknowledges that the years working with small business owners proved far more valuable and applicable.

Jim Wolverton, J.D.
Practice Solutions Advisor, Law As a Business (LAB)

Doctors help people with physical pain and attorneys do the same for families with legal issues. It seems obvious but attorneys were not taught in law school how to effectively get the word out. As a Practice Solutions Advisor, Jim works with attorneys to implement modern strategies to connect them with the people in their communities who need their help and get hired.

Jim graduated from the University of Oregon Law School in 2004 and opened the law practice of Livingston & Wolverton, P.A. in 2008. He joined ElderCounsel in 2013 and have been working with attorneys to onboard and grow their elder law practices. In this role, it has been a pleasure to assist our members transition their offices from simply a place to go to argue with other lawyers to a legal resource for the elderly and disabled.

Valerie L. Peterson, J.D.
Chief Executive Officer, ElderCounsel

Valerie is the Chief Executive Officer of ElderCounsel, LLC. Before joining ElderCounsel, Valerie practiced law in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale where she was the owner of Peterson Law Office, P.A., and later Fisher & Peterson, P.C., a firm specializing in the areas of elder law and estate planning.

In addition to serving as CEO, Valerie also serves as the Education Director for ElderCounsel and she has taught elder law and veterans benefits courses for numerous national organizations during her tenure at ElderCounsel. Valerie also teaches for a prominent law school. Since 2012, Valerie has served as an adjunct professor for Stetson Law School where she teaches the Veteran’s Benefits Course to Elder Law LL.M. students.

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