Language in a grantor trust is different than other language used in trust planning.

what is a grantor trust recorded course

In this course we define what it means for a trust to be a "grantor trust" and contrast it with other language used in trust planning, like "incomplete gift trust." We'll also discuss the seemingly oxymoronic phrase "grantor trust as to principal" and the simply incorrect phrase "grantor trust as to estate inclusion."

This webinar focuses on meaning and terminology so you are never caught in an awkward situation of using the wrong terms with a client or another professional.

  • What is a grantor trust?
  • How does grantor trust language contrast with other language used in trust planning?
  • Identify terminology which confuses some when discussing a grantor trust, such as:
    • Grantor trust as to principal
    • Grantor trust as to estate inclusion
  • Meaning of grantor trust status

Duration: 47 minutes