Presented by: Kristin Yokomoto, Esq., Albrecht & Barney

Downloads: Presentation | Handout: Trustee Checklist


Trust administration is a critical component of elder law. With more people passing away with trusts, successor trustees need your legal services to help them understand their fiduciary duties and how to properly administer a trust. As an attorney, you need a disciplined process in place to oversee multiple administrations so important tax issues are analyzed correctly and deadlines are met.

During this one-hour webinar, you'll learn the benefits of adding trust administration to the services you provide and how to develop a process to avoid pitfalls and liability.

Topics discussed:
  • Creating a process from start to finish
  • Comparison of first death versus second death administrations
  • Understanding outright distributions versus sub-trusts allocations
  • Protecting the successor trustee with allocation agreements
  • Preventing beneficiary litigation

CLE: 1 hour

Many states have strict restrictions on pre-recorded (also called on-demand or distance learning) courses. Please review your State Bar's rules to determine if you are eligible to receive CLE for this course before viewing.

Receive CLE packet and attendance certificate: Near the end of the webinar, a button labeled "Receive CLE Packet" will appear in the top right corner of the video. You will be required to enter the attendance code given verbally during the webinar to download the packet. You will not be able to download the packet until you watch the webinar in its entirety. To ensure we are CLE compliant, the packet will not be distributed via email or any other method, it must be downloaded following the instructions above.

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